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new format starts today

just finished Ro-Kyu-Bu! i wish it was a little longer but it was good and the girls were cute expecial hina the bigest let down was that they didnt use the nicknames the nurse gave them through out the series

also watching bakuman season 3 ep 21 waiting for subs atm...

kingdom is geting better it sucks haveing to wait for more
also i really wish that they would release the rest of Saki: Achiga-hen E

oh yeah im addited to OSU!
ctb almost in the 1000~9000
curently at 10657 i think somewhere close to that

anime update ish
just finishe

Princess Princess it was pretty legit would watch again and would totaly crossplay the main characters if i had 2 other to do it with me . <3 no im not gay also addited to osu! atm

also finished accel world earyer this week but it didnt really seem like it ended... i feel like more could be added 

started watching pumkin siccors its awsome and funny

ygo update 

dopple agents 

mind crush in main needs more testing /didnt play any windups last week sneak peak this week so idk.... oh yah i hope shane and grant show up again for some ygos havent seen them niggas in ages :) grant was playin dworld like a bitch and shane had sams nigga sacked me g3 open gateway gradmaster kizan and kageki i was like well fuck me g2 i fucked up and scoopedit up g1 i wreked face



well i need to cook this hambuger gooing to make tacos and eat them before class
ecpi is a joke hopefullly networking 2 wont be hard and i forgot what the other class was... i should pdrobally look that up 

i love these lovey dovy animes

they make me feel so good , they give me hope that i too will find someone and be happy with them ... I wish i would have stumbled on this genra years ago would have helped me out with past girl friends and i might even still be with veronica or jen ... hell i could have ended up wiht margert if i chose slithly diffrent friends . why couldnt i see how transparent everyone was . but thats the past cant change that now can i
all thats left to do now is look twords the future right:) 

Sukitte Iinayo  is pretty good so far mai chan is adorable and its not supristing how it is turning out all these peoples with issues but it actualy seems like something tha
that could be real know what i mean?
ok thats all for now 

didnt go to ygo this week because charolotte was yesterday and i didnt expect people to show due to tiredness tolston got 24th and nick got 18th 
i really want to build this agent dopple deck its pretty fun to use but i dont know how it will face up against that watter deck and the fire king deck 
ill probally build fire king . dek when the set drops if i manage to get a job befor then and buy the stulf... i want that back pack and a doubble deck box one with sugurason pet would be nice

lovless 1 setntance review and other anime ish

well i finished that series last night and it wasnt nearly as gay as i had antispated 

swoard art 22 ovious things are ovious ... why do i put my self through all these clif hangers and tourcher of waiting a week to find out more
starterd oniai this anime depresses me because i know something like this will never happe nto me ...

aweful turny day

round 1 vs ryan with altanians
g1 got wreaked...
g2 outplayed him 
g3 time i lose to deck i havent seen before
round 2 vs ycs tyree  with windupssssssss
g1 awfull hands
g2 tyree has all the backrow hate (this happens every time we play )

round 3 vs exodia
g1 tribute for 4 pieces , he would have drawn the next piece ... well timed tribute
g2 tribute for 2 pieces late game 

only 3 rounds with our 10 people :(

made some trades

only missing phenix ,shineballs and venus for agents 
or i can play verson with out shinballs for now 

ygo 1
gona play gks again hopefully do well like last week might write a sumery of what happened when i get back if i do well
also need to bring trash to the dump

so yeah
looks like this is my first post on here um lets see i guess the prupus of this is to record thoughts that i dont want linked to me on facebook............................................ yep also to record when i watched what animesssss ...
heres a list of what i have seen and can remember ...
elfen lied (ending was lame)
future diary
Ginga e Kickoff!!
Girls und Panzer
hsd kenichi
Inazuma Eleven
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
kokoro connect
lucky star
Maria Holic
myself ; yourself
nazo no kanjo x
Oda Nobuna No Yabou
papa kiki
prince of tennis
rurouni kenshin
sakurasou no pet na kanojo
sword art online
The World God Only Knows
yep thats the list right now i know i have seen alot more but cant remember them sadly 

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